Friday, August 3, 2012

Sentimental Monday

AFTER a day's work, heart and mind agreed to a date. They met in a mall for alittle chat and a sip of coffee. It was a very stressful monday that both realized how overworked they were. Both were known to be breadwinners of their families back home. Heart confided that his present obligations were fue to his family responsibilities on top of personal gusto. The mind reasoned how indulgent heart has become to a point that he sacrified his own happiness.

The mind dared to say, "You are such a nice man, a very good son! You are a blessing to your family! But you need not obligate yourself too much for their sakes. You must to consider your own self also."

Heart very well replied, "I somehow survive under the test of endurance and life, no matter how unfriendly it is to me, make me stronger despite the many obstacles that clog my way to self-actualization. I have inured myself to hardwork required of me by fate, and I thank God that He has sustained me enough courage to get through life."

"I see much of me in you. I have been to such situation as you are today. But I admire more of your strength and courage to withstand the test of time. And if I can be of any assistance to you, don't hesitate to call me," the mind continued upon seeing lines of tears in heart's eyes.

"I believe in my capacity that I can survive this is my own way," heart replied with slight stubbornness. And he ended the message with a bit of flirt flattering the mind, "Thank you too for being my source of strength and happiness."

Then both had tears sliding their cheeks spontaneously.

This was taken from my own article of the same title in the Illuminati Page I have had in the defunct Friendster dated September 8, 2008. My friend Mark Scheuerell from Chicago commented, "The true essence of a man having a dialogue with himself. Well written!"

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