Sunday, July 15, 2012

Celebrating Anniversaries of Joblessness

A very remarkable month in my career life;
the very month I once experienced being jobless
yet so far my whole life.

i don't worry, i don't panic, i don't mind though!

I just wondered why was I not worried about it?
unlike before when I sort of apprehensive losing my job,
even just imagining about it or having no work at all.

maybe because all my siblings have their good lives, good jobs too
that they can handle family responsibilities that I thought I alone can handle ---
my parent's subsistence, my parent's medicines, et cetera

maybe because my older brothers have gainfully employed abroad
my little sister had married and got an uninterrupted job contracts
all with good pays

I however am particularly grateful for that break.
That it reminds me of drawing back into the first step in my professional ladder and start anew in the corporate world.
That was the high time for me to get employed with multinational corporations.
That through that break I can ready myself tro face and realize my big dreams.

just so i thought

That never pushed through though. I ended up as practicing consultant for various development projects. But it instead gave me silver spoon to brisk my way through realizing my big dreams.

My friend Mark Sheuerell of Chicago commented saying, "An honestly written soulful treatise of the practicality of putting one faith in God."

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