Friday, June 29, 2012

Trending: Pick-up Lines

This is the latest hit - pick-up lines!

I don't know if the gag show, Bubble Gang, really started this cool and very entertaining, despite being corny and cheesy most of the time, stuff. Moreover, a comedy movie was shown in theaters in relation to this, entitled Boy Pick-up starring Ogie Alcasid.

From my days in the hospital as a volunteer nurse, I have picked up two most entertaining and keep-worthy pick-up lines from my supervisor and resident physician. It goes like this:

Nurse: Doc, calculus ka ba?
Doctor: Bakit?
Nurse: Kasi, tiyak sa 'yo lang ako babagsak.

Doctor: Nars, kapuso ka ba?
Nurse: Bakit?
Doctor: E kasi pinapatanong ng Nanay ko kung pwede ka bang maging kapamilya.

Pick-up lines have become the energizers during my series of trainings. I even got one dedicated to me. It says:

Participant: Sir Cris, Meralco ka ba?
I replied: Bakit?
Participant: Kase, habang nakikinig ako sa 'yo, lumiliwanag ang buhay ko.

There were even lines crafted by the Municipal Financial Analysts that are related to the topics we discussed the whole time. Some were about LCC or local counterpart contribution, others were about RFR or request for fund release, and more.

The latest line that I find worthy is as follows:

Q: Bagyo ka ba?
A: Bakit?
Q: Kasi, the moment you leave my area of responsibility, you leave my heart in the state of calamity.


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